Petrified Wood Mosaic

Petrified Wood Mosaic – Fitting Reminder (American Greetings) – 500 pieces

This image is so different and interesting; mom and I both loved it as soon as we saw it. I opened the box several times when I was looking for my next puzzle, but always put it back because it looked so difficult and it wasn’t the right time (also I wanted to work on it with mom and she wasn’t always able to come play puzzle with me).

It had great quality, thick pieces, and a nice fit too. The only minus was that there was only one piece shape, it seems that there are quite a few puzzles out there with just the one shape, and personally I would love it if they branched out a bit and added more interesting, or even just “other” shapes.

The box for this one said Fitting Reminder, but there was also a notation that it was from American Greetings Corporation. There was no date on the box, but it looks quite old. I’m guessing it’s most likely from the 80’s. It was a very cool puzzle!

There were so many darkish muddled looking pieces that it was a bit difficult. But once I got going I enjoyed the challenge and it was hard for me to get up and walk away from it. It’s so very different than most puzzle images, and I got sucked into “just one more piece” over and over again.

This puzzle very much makes me think of mom, and I ended up taping the back of it so that I could keep it. It makes me extremely sad that we didn’t have a chance to work on it together, we would have had a great time; and there would have been a quite a bit of little old lady cussing too, I’m sure. 👵

There are so many puzzles here that mom found for us and that we were both looking forward to assembling together. Perhaps that’s why I’ve been wanting new puzzles lately, the older ones all have memories attached – and all those memories are primarily of my mom. I guess I’m trying to hold on to those as long as I can.

Today’s Puzzle…

In Progress 1

This is a great quality puzzle with a gorgeous image, but it’s quite a challenge as well. It’s a picture of a mosaic made of petrified wood, from the Smithsonian Institute. The picture doesn’t do it justice, and I’m hoping when it is finished that I can get a good picture to post.

All the pieces are ballerinas, but  you can see that there is much variation within that shape. Other than the piece shape, this puzzle has excellent quality – the board is thick, and the fit is wonderful.The brand is Fitting Reminder by American Greetings, I’ve never come across a puzzle from this brand before, and I love trying out new brands!

I’ve gotten the easiest parts completed, and now the hard part begins. The rest of the pieces are all darkish and look very much alike on the trays. Because there will be no help from the piece shapes, it will be much slower going from here on in. But I’m motivated to finish it; it’s a thrift store find that mom and I both loved the look of.

It may take me a few days to finish it, but I’m looking forward to seeing the completed puzzle. It’s so different looking that it may be one that I’d like to keep and hang.