Pretty Kitties 2

Pretty Kitties by Keith Kimberlin – Cra-Z-Art – Approx. 125/500 pieces

Keith Kimberlin really knows how to get animals to look as adorable as possible, doesn’t he? These sets are the perfect size to assemble, not too much fur of any one color – just about right for a cup of coffee in the morning. Or whatever warm, comforting beverage sounds good to you. ☕

I think my daughter would have loved these puzzles glued and hung on her wall when she was younger. Before the rebellious teenage years where they hate everyone, no one understands them or has ever gone through what they have to deal with, etc……. Sorry, got off on a tangent there. Parenting is hard.

If you’ve never assembled one of these sets, they come in a box all mixed together and there are two ways you chould choose to put them together. Each separate puzzle has a colored backing so that you could sort them by color and assemble each puzzle on it’s own. Or you could choose to work it as a 500 piece puzzle with no sorting. Puzzler’s choice! (In case you’re wondering, I’m lazy; I sort them by color and work each one separately.)

I like this one, the pink color is a not really my style but the heel seems a little less like stilts. They’re still pretty high though, I’d tip over if I tried to wear them.

This is Bea, she’s an old soul with a flair for the dramatic. She has no problem mixing a button down and a cardigan with both a string of pretty beads and a sassy heel. She enjoys Gregory Peck and Cary Grant movies and even crochets some of her own clothes. She hopes to go film school and make movies like they used to in the old days; with a great plot and flawed but decent characters. She loves herself exactly how she is and doesn’t care what anyone else thinks. Bea is awesome.

Sparkles! This disco queen here goes by her stage name – Ally Cat. She’s a performer in all ways, despite that sad looking face. When she steps on the stage her face lights up and she brightens the day of everyone in the audience. When she’s not performing she spends some days working at the local community center helping at risk teens, and the rest of her time is spent on self care and alone time. She enjoys jigsaw puzzles with lots of people in them, and would love to have one as a pet!

This wild one is much more my style – or it used to be – love an animal print! Although there is no way that a heel that high was ever achievable for me to walk in. Ever.

This is Bill. He is cranky. He doesn’t know why, that’s just his normal state of being. He’s been sent to pick up a pair of very tall heels for his wife to use in her current sculpture called “The Pain of Beauty”. Bill would rather be at home watching wrestling on the tv and drinking beer. Bill is a typical dude and having to run this errand embarrasses him. I think he needs a break. Chill out Bill.

Pretty Kitties 1

Pretty Kitties by Keith Kimberlin – Cra-Z-Art – Approx. 125/500 pieces

Ok, I know we just finished the freak shakes puzzles a few days ago, and I apologize for another set of these puzzles/posts so quickly – but this blog is about the puzzles I assemble, and this is the order in which they were completed. But, if you enjoyed my posts of Selfies and Unicorns last year, you may enjoy these too. These fabulous shoes and purses with kittens inside them are just begging for backstories, aren’t they?

Trying to ease myself back into puzzling I decided that even though I’d just finished freak shakes a few puzzles ago that a set of these smaller, shaped puzzles would easier for me than a 500 piece puzzle that was all one image.

These sets make me unbelievably happy and for that I do not apologize. There are still three sets here that have yet to be assembled – and four more on the way – but I’m going to try to space them out a little better. (I have a Christmas Town set with 12 buildings covered in snow and holiday decorations that you’ll be seeing in the next month or so ⛪❄)

I love this boot! The color isn’t one I’d choose, but it was pretty darn fun to assemble. These small kitten puzzles are nice because there isn’t too much fur in each one to make it so challenging.

This is Beatrice, and she’s quite shy and introverted but fiercely independent and headstrong. She’d rather be creating her own artwork or curling up with a good manga graphic novel than hanging out with friends. She hopes to attend the Cat-ifornia Institute of the Arts once she graduates, and looks forward to owning and running her own gallery one day.

Not as big a fan of this purse, but love that the kitty seems to be wearing a boa – that tells me plenty about her personality!

This is Francesca, she is a big fan of mirrors and all pictures ever taken of herself. She loves spending daddy’s money, and hearing all about how pretty others think she is. She has no actual life skills, almost no common sense, and no plans for the future – other than becoming homecoming queen her senior year. She is a vapid twit.

Love a platform shoe (to look at, not to walk in), but this one isn’t really my jam. Neither are the kitties to be honest, but I must admit that they’re cute. 😸

This is Steve, he’s a drag queen and loves a super tall heel. He looks young, but it’s just good genes. When he’s not working at his nightclub he’s at home with the family playing in the sandbox and refurbishing their fixer-upper home. He’s funny, faithful, and fabulous. I love Steve.