Candylicious by Aimee Stewart – Buffalo (Vivid Collection) – 300 pieces

Longtime readers will remember that my favorite puzzle artist is Aimee Stewart, her use of color is stunning and her shelf puzzles have provided me with hours and hours of enjoyment. The very first time I attempted a 2000 piece puzzle it was her beautiful artwork that gave me the confidence to even give it a try. Her puzzles make me happy!

The Buffalo Vivid Collection puzzles are true to their name – the colors are so vivid! I’ve done several, and they’ve all been fabulous quality with exceptional image reproduction. They are highly recommended. Very highly.

Love all the gummy bears, especially the ones that have different colored heads! I’ve never come across any like that in the wild, have you?

That looks like the most refreshing slushy ever. With my inner child deciding to play with matches – causing serious hot flashes – this drink would be most welcome at my house. Yum!

I adore the look of these candies, for some reason that I seem unable to put into words at the moment. Suffice it to say that I simply love the artwork of Aimee Stewart and even though I don’t recall specifically this assembly, I can say with absolutely certainty that there isn’t one little bit of this image that wasn’t entertaining to assemble. She is a puzzle artist goddess and her work makes me extremely happy!

Banana Split

Banana Split
Banana Split by Aimee Stewart – Buffalo – 1000 pieces

Ah, a puzzle from a good brand with an image by Aimee Stewart. My happy place. Beautiful, fun, not too easy – the perfect combination for puzzlers both new and seasoned. 💜

Because there are so many different items, colors, textures, and elements you don’t have to focus on the image as a whole when you begin assembling. When you’re turning pieces over, or sorting, or whatever you do when you start a puzzle you will see things that stand out to you. A tablespoon of sprinkles, the striped containers, waffle cones, words, etc.; and you can start small with whatever small image or section you choose. You don’t have to worry about dealing with it all at once like you do when you’re assembling a landscape where 1/3 of the image is the sky or water, etc.

Banana Split 1

This was the first thing I assembled, even before the words. I usually go for all the words first, but these pieces were so easy to pick out, and I was just inspired to start with them. It wasn’t as easy to assemble as it was to sort, but the strawberries certainly were fun! (And I missed a few of the green pieces which made it a little more of a challenge.)

Banana Split 2

The banana split in the middle of the image was the absolute hardest part for me, and pretty much the very last thing I assembled. With those bright colors you’d think it would have been much easier, but it definitely wasn’t – at least for me. That doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it though, I enjoyed it very much!

Banana Split 3

These cute little guys were so difficult to find and put together, almost all the pieces looked as if they belonged somewhere else – either that or I’m slipping a bit. No matter, I absolutely love the vintage look of them, they are so adorable!

I think I’m down to only one more Aimee Stewart puzzle here at home 😱 but it seems as though many of the puzzle manufacturers and retailers have been getting back to work and restocking, so perhaps I’ll be able to get myself a few more soon. I certainly hope so, only one more of her puzzles here to assemble just won’t do!

Mother’s Day Puzzle Giveaway

Spectacular Peacock by Aimee Stewart – Wentworth – 240 pieces

In honor of my spectacular mother – who gave me life, unlimited and unwavering unconditional love, treasured friendship, a love for jigsaw puzzles and so much more – I am holding this giveaway for Spectacular Peacock, a beautiful 240 piece shaped Wentworth Wooden Puzzle.

My mother and I loved to assemble puzzles together much more than we enjoyed assembling them on our own. Even though putting together a puzzle by yourself gives you some quiet reflective time to de-stress and relax, we enjoyed spending time together talking, laughing, and puzzling; we could spend entire days having the time of our lives with just a few puzzles and each other.

When I started treating myself to some wooden puzzles, she fell in love with them too; we would marvel over the intricate shapes, show each other when we made a connection, and discuss the fantastic quality. I will never forget the months we spent assembling the mystery puzzle box of vintage wooden puzzle pieces that I gave her for Christmas the year before she passed; she told me it was the best present she’d ever received in her life, and we both had the best time assembling that giant 100 year old puzzle and spending extra time with each other. They are cherished memories that will be with me the rest of my life. 💗

So,to bring a little more joy into my life this first Mother’s Day without her – and in honor of her love of Aimee Stewart images and wonderfully made wooden puzzles – I’m giving away this beautiful, gently used wooden jigsaw puzzle. It’s a little challenging, even at only 240 pieces; it’s shaped, so starting with the edges is more difficult than you might think, and it includes several beautiful whimsies of flowers, peacocks, and more. I adored assembling it (even though I was in the hospital at the time), and I hope the winner enjoys it just as much. If you’d like to see the completed puzzle, you can click here to see my original post.

They say if you want to feel better you should do something for others, and I think “they” might be right. When I made the decision to give this puzzle away for Mother’s Day to honor her I immediately started to smile just thinking about how happy it would make someone to win it. And it made me happy too!

To enter, just leave a comment on this post (if you need something to say, I’d be honored to hear about your own mom.) Each comment will be given a number, and I will use a random number generator to determine the winner one week from today on Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 10, 2020. This is open to all puzzle lovers, no matter where you live. Good luck!

For my momma – my puzzle posse, my best friend in the world. 💝

Banana Split In Progress

Banana Split IP
Banana Split by Aimee Stewart – Buffalo – 1000 pieces

Unfortunately yesterday didn’t see much puzzling, but I’m hopeful that today will be better. With an Aimee Stewart image on my board, all I really want to do is get back there and start placing pieces. 😍

It just reminds me how much I enjoy working a puzzle with her artwork; the colors are beautiful, they’re fun to put together, not so easy as to make it boring, and it’s lovely to watch the image come together. I’d tell you more about it, but my fingers are itching to be placing pieces rather than typing!

Are you working on something fun this week?

Skate Night

Skate Night
Skate Night by Aimee Stewart – Buffalo – 300 pieces

Man, this puzzle was so much fun! It was truly over too quickly, even though I put the box away to make it last a little longer. I would love to have this in a much larger piece count, either 1000 or 2000 pieces. It would be heavenly to assemble this again with more pieces. 💗

It’s no secret that Aimee Stewart is my favorite jigsaw puzzle artist, and this puzzle is a perfect example of why that is. The use of colors is brilliant, and the overall feeling of this image just makes you smile. I adore it, and I’m so pleased to have been able to assemble it.

Skate Night 1
Remember these?

Ah, the memories of the roller rink when I was in middle school and junior high. I always hated it when they called for a “backwards” or “reverse” skate, because I was never good enough on roller skates to figure out how to skate backwards without broken limbs or a cracked skull – or causing mass casualties within the people skating around me. We lived on a dirt road, with a dirt driveway, there was no place for me to practice; and to be fair, I also was a major klutz as a child.

Mom would be upset with me if I didn’t share this rollerskating story from my youth; she loved to tell this story about raising a wild child like me, so here goes. I broke my foot in 5th grade and spent several months in a cast. My class had a field trip planned for the local roller rink, of course while I was still in a cast. Even though I was on crutches (no walking cast for me), I decided that shouldn’t keep me from having a good time, so I got one skate and used my broken foot to Fred Flintstone myself around the rink – I used my cast to push myself forward. Sheesh. With that kind of ridiculous decision making it’s a miracle that I survived my youth. Honestly.

Skate Night 2
Can you do this with your puzzles?

The quality of this Buffalo puzzle was exceptional – from the thick chipboard to the fit and image reproduction. When the fit is exceptional I always like to stand them up, for some reason I can’t explain it makes me very, very happy.

In general, this puzzle made me very, very happy on every level. My only complaint was that it is only available in a 300 piece puzzle and no larger piece counts. Please Buffalo, hear our plea; give us this puzzle in 1000 or 2000 pieces – we will absolutely buy it. In fact it will be a bestseller. I guarantee it.