Peanuts – Snoopy

Peanuts (Snoopy) by Charles Schulz – Vista Puzzles – 100 pieces

A miracle happened when I was assembling this puzzle – my youngest son came in and started helping me, and he stayed and was fully engaged until it was finished! It may not seem that miraculous to you, but to his momma it was an amazing blessing.

Both of my sons are autistic, but my youngest is more in his own world than my oldest. He does only the things he is interested in, and trying to get him to engage is quite difficult and sometimes upsets him greatly. For some reason this puzzle was different and he stood next to me and put pieces in until it was finished. AMAZING!

Anyway, this is another of the Peanuts puzzles that come in a metal tube, and they’re good quality. The color scheme is different than the previous puzzle, and obviously Snoopy is featured instead of Linus, but the comic strips in the background are the same.

We had a great time putting this puzzle together – myself and my newest puzzle posse member. 💖


Stuart* – Re-marks – 100 pieces

So friggin’ cute! Look at that face, he looks completely disgusted that he has to wear that outfit, it makes me laugh when I look at the eyes. I’ve named him Stuart. He’s learned that he doesn’t enjoy playing dress-up.

Stuart wants to go home.

This puzzle had great quality pieces and a great fit. It was a fun few minutes putting it together. 🐶


Roz* – Brother Sister – 100 pieces

This is an unnamed puzzle, so I have christened it “Roz”. That stern face reminds me of the character Roz from Monsters, Inc. Roz here is a no nonsense kinda gal who doesn’t take crap from anybody; she’s smart and fair, but short on patience. Do what she says and no messing around!

Brother Sister Design Studio is the house brand for Hobby Lobby. I don’t shop there, but the few puzzles of theirs that I’ve done (from swaps/thrift stores) are good quality. Somewhat thin, sturdy, good reproduction and a variety of shapes. They have some great images that I’ve seen and I’ve been impressed with each of their puzzles that I’ve assembled.

Kellogg’s Fun Pack

Kellogg’s Fun Pack – Spin Master Games – 600 pieces (100 pieces each)

Another six-pack of cereal puzzles, but instead of General Mills cereals this time we have Kellogg’s. It’s been quite a while since I did the first set (by White Mountain), and although last time each little puzzle got it’s own post I don’t think it’ll be that way this time around. There are way too many puzzles in the queue to add 6 more all at once!

As far as I know this is my first Spin Master puzzle, and the quality was impressive. The pieces were on the thinner side, but not too much so; excellent reproduction, good fit, and nice variety of shapes too. The pieces are on the larger side, and each finished puzzle was approximately 9 x 13 inches – pretty big for only 100 pieces. All around they are a good quality set of puzzles, and were extremely fun to put together.

Ready for some cereal memories and critiques?

These used to be called Sugar Smacks when I was young, but nowadays we wouldn’t want anyone to think we’re feeding our little ones anything less than healthy. Changing the name but keeping the food inside the same doesn’t do much if you ask me. Oh well. Corporations. Whatchya gonna do?

I don’t recall ever having these, they never really appealed to me or my sisters; or maybe we did have them and I’m just too old to remember things accurately. 🤔

Here’s another one that I never cared for. Fruity and chocolatey cereals weren’t my thing as a child – and they still aren’t.

Ah, my old friend Toucan Sam; I enjoyed his commercials very much, but not his cereal. Again, not a fan of the fruity tastes. They all tasted the same to me – boring.

Now we’re getting to the good stuff if you ask me. Of the six cereals in this pack, this is really the only one I actually liked. It’s like Corn Flakes, but without the hassle of having to transfer the sugar bowl into cereal bowl to make it palatable. Every once in a while I get a craving for these and buy myself a box, but that doesn’t happen very often, and usually before the box is gone I’ve become bored with them.

Corn Pops were ok, in a pinch – they were sweeter than Kix, and the texture was slightly less like cardboard; but overall I’d rather have almost anything else (except Grape Nuts). If memory serves they were just puffs of squeaky cereal without much flavor. No thank you.

Rice Krispies are BORING as a cereal in my humble opinion, but excellent for making tasty treats with melted marshmallows and a little butter.

These little puzzles were lots of fun, and if you’re in the mood for some sweetened cereals without all the calories I can definitely recommend this pack of puzzles. 🥣

And tomorrow is the announcement of the winner of the Happy New Year Puzzle Giveaway – if you haven’t entered yet this is your last chance!

African Afternoon

African Afternoon by Gerold Como – Ravensburger – 100 pieces

I do so love when a thrift store puzzle is not only from a company with really great quality, but it is also complete. And if it’s a kids puzzle – even better. I can “check” it to be sure all the pieces are present, and then send it on to a child or school where it’ll be used and loved like puzzles are supposed to be.

This isn’t a scene I would choose to puzzle in a larger piece count, it just isn’t my pile of pieces (or cup of tea as it were). But with only 100 pieces the muted colors and subject matter weren’t a problem to deal with. As an added bonus, once it’s been assembled and if it’s all there my “grandson” gets to have it. He’s gonna love this one.😀

This little guy with his parents is just too adorable for words. I love that brush cut he’s got going on!

I can relate to this cat, the African plains are just too hot. It’s better to spend the day lounging around in a tree. And, if some unsuspecting prey wanders underneath and makes themselves available to jump down onto – even better. 🐆