In Progress…

I’m working on another one of those from the multipack of twelve puzzles (by Cardinal) with images by Iralu. The quality is pretty terrible, but it’s the artwork that made me buy them in the first place, I knew they wouldn’t be great to work with, but I couldn’t pass up such interesting and different looking puzzles. 💙

There wasn’t much completed yesterday, just the border and a little bit of one of the four balconies. But it seems as though it’ll be an entertaining assembly despite the quality. I find his artwork fascinatingly different, almost childlike. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen before on any jigsaw puzzles, and I love it!

Hope you all have a great week – happy puzzling my friends. 🧩

Cat Selfies – Day 2

Cat Selfies by Howard Robinson – Cra-Z-Art – approx. 125/500 pieces

More kitties for your enjoyment ladies and gents. Now we have the added accoutrements of flowers and/or butterflies which gives them a little more razz-a-ma-tazz! For me they’re just cats, but for cat lovers out there, they’re adorable little things that make you go “awwwww”.

As a 500 piece puzzle I LOVE these sets. To be completely honest though, I’ve never actually done any of them as a 500 piece puzzle; they’ve always been sorted by their colored backing so that I can do each one separately as it’s own puzzle. Especially with the animals, so much fur can be overwhelmingly difficult and I choose to do these my way – to make only myself happy. That’s why I puzzle, to enjoy myself – not to be frustrated and annoyed by too much difficulty.

If you’re here just to see the puzzles and hear about the assembly, you can go now. The rest of this post is just my weird little obsession with giving each of these puzzles a name and a ridiculous backstory. It makes me smile, sometimes I laugh out loud at the silliness – and I find it wonderfully entertaining. (I hope at least some of you do too 😉)

Henrietta (or Yetta as her friends call her), is an investigative journalist with the Feline Daily Journal and is one of the most respected reporters they have. Her integrity is without question, and she diligently researches every piece she writes. Her latest piece on the “Meow Too Movement” has been nominated for a Purrlitzer Prize! In her spare time Yetta enjoys bicycling with her biking club, jigsaw puzzles, and searching garage and yard sales for hidden treasures. Hope you find something fantastic out there Yetta, and good luck with the nomination!

Geraldine here is quite the haughty cat, she basically looks down on everyone she meets. We, the peons, could never be worthy of her – at least as far as she’s concerned. Unfortunately Geraldine isn’t popular or well liked in her community, but she doesn’t care at all. She doesn’t work, of course she doesn’t! Mummy and Daddy left her a sizeable inheritance and she spends her days finding fault with others and spending her money on things that she thinks look pretty. How dull her life must be.

Lyston is one of those special personalities that chooses to be happy no matter what the circumstance. I’m a little bit in love with Lyston. He’s a wonderful friend and he can cheer you up with just a look or a kind word. He’s amazing!

Lyston is a “legal bank robber”, which is basically someone who tests how easy it is to penetrate bank security systems both in person and online. He LOVES his job, and can’t wait to get to work each day. It does sound like a fun job, doesn’t it? When he’s not working Lyston enjoys making homemade Kung-Fu movies, soap carving, and playing MMORPGs. (Massively Multi-player Online Role Playing Games). He’s a complicated guy.

Cat Selfies – Day 1

Cat Selfies by Howard Robinson – Cra-Z-Art – approx. 125/500 pieces

Here we are again with another set of 12 shaped mini puzzles. As my regular readers will know, cats aren’t my thing – I’m a dog person all the way. But I couldn’t pass this set up either, just because of the sets I’ve done before and how much I enjoyed them. They were all fun to put together, of course, and I’m getting my brain back into gear with more silly names and backstories for all these little cuties.

The quality was good with this set; not many of the pieces were still connected, the fit was very good, and the reproduction was excellent. If these sets look like you might enjoy them I absolutely recommend that you give them a try. They’re always a nice break from the larger piece count puzzles – at least they are for me.

The first three cats are ones with nothing extra, no flowers or butterflies to zazz up their selfies. All the rest of them after this have something pictured with them to ramp up the cuteness factor.

So here we go, another trip into the weird and twisted mind of Stacey. Sometimes she speaks about herself in the third person, and writes up little biographies of the puzzles she assembles. It’s bizarre, I know – but it can also be hilarious and lots of fun. 😎

Meet Magnus everyone. He works on the road crews holding up signs to keep traffic safe and flowing properly. Working outside is part of why he loves his job, he’s definitely an outdoor cat. Magnus enjoys grilling and having backyard BBQ’s for his friends and family, fishing in the local creek, and traveling to visit out of town friends and family. He loves deeply and always keeps in touch with those close to him. He’s a big softie and is loved by everyone he’s ever met.

Beatrice here is not really “down” with all of this making faces at the camera, but she’s playing along. If she had her druthers she’d be sitting in front of her typewriter working on her latest novel. Beatrice is quite the celebrity in the kitty cat world, and her naughty romance novels have the ladies swooning. She’s a bit of a recluse, but I guess that’s to be expected from those artistic types. Beatrice enjoys cross-stitch, crochet, and trying out new recipes she sees on the many cooking shows she watches. If she invites you over for dinner be careful not to mess up all the doilies on her furniture – that makes her very cross; but enjoy the meal, it’ll be fabulous!

Frank is a bit of a cranky old cat. He’s retired from the military, and spends most of his time on the front porch yelling at the kittens in the neighborhood to get off his lawn. When he’s not on the porch Frank likes to tinker around the house and keep things in good repair. He’s courting a widowed tabby and enjoys going over to her house for dinner and perhaps watching tv together. Is love in the air? Perhaps!

Go for it Frank!

Canine Collage In Progress…

The canine collage is on it’s way! Hooray for me! Sorting took forever because I couldn’t sit in the chair for very long at all, but I finally got it done and got started on the actual assembly.

It isn’t much, but it’s something. 😊

I finally got myself back to my beloved puzzles! It was very much needed, as yesterday was the anniversary of the day we lost mom. It’s a tough day all around for everyone in the family, she was the glue that held us all together and we all loved her deeply and unconditionally.

Miss you Mom. Always. 💔

Monkey Around

Monkey Around – RoseArt – 100 pieces

This was a quick, engrossing puzzle, but not easy at all. I really liked this one even though the image isn’t something I would normally choose; it was much more entertaining than I thought it would be.

The pieces were on the thinner side, but the fit was good and the image reproduction was excellent. There was no variety in piece shape, but with only 100 pieces it wasn’t bad to work with at all.

I almost always enjoy working with kids puzzles, any size puzzle is fun for me! 🧩💚