What’s In Progress?

Unfortunately I don’t have anything in progress at the moment; our AC is on the fritz and we’ve spent the last two days trying to deal with it.

I still haven’t finished sorting my next puzzle, which has been sitting on the board, partially sorted, for two and a half days now. So what is everyone else working on? What’s in progress at your house?

8 thoughts on “What’s In Progress?

  1. Deb

    Working on White Mountain I Love The 80s. Full of images of Strawberry Shortcake, Trivial Pursuit, We Are The World🎶, Dukes of Hazzard, Pac-Man, Pop Rocks, etc. So fun!

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  2. Sandra

    Just finished Alex Beard’s “Audience” impossible puzzle. Slippery pieces that want to escape from where you put them on the table! Focused on one color at a time to start laying out the relative position of pieces. Tedious, but done!

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  3. Diane

    I’m just starting Artifact puzzle, Jaguars. It is going to be a hard one, but I’m excited!
    I got it through their Hoefnagel Puzzle Club which allows me to blow through a lot of wooden puzzles without having to pay to own.

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  4. Margaret

    I just finished a Ceaco Tooniverse yesterday called “School Cafetria Extreme”, that I loved—good shapes and fit together well. Had lots of people and scenes in it and was a blast. I know some really dislike Ceaco but I find I like the really old ones and those shapes. I need to pick a puzzle for today. I’ve got a closet full to start. I took out a Pastime Puzzle from Winning moves from about 13 years ago last night, and had to put it up last night—it’s in my donate pile for the goodwill. It was “Autumn Gold” –a deer scene with deer in the woods next to water. It was a beautiful scene. I bought it for the “over 100” whimsies. It was so hard and really all one color. It was cut well and very tight but too many pieces (1000) for the muted shades, all the same color really. I was not up to the “hard factor” and will pick a light and fluffy one today.

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