I Didn’t Plan Ahead

I may have ordered a few too many puzzles. Oops. I didn’t plan ahead and get a bunch of puzzles all ready to post like I should have. You have my solemn promise that I will get all these puzzles put away, and spend the rest of the time getting all these pictures of completed puzzles off of my phone and onto the computer where they belong.

So the next time I have a bunch of puzzles being delivered (and there will be a next time), you can be assured I will have the posts ready to go so you won’t have to wait an extra day to see what’s been completed here at the House of the Puzzle Addicted Old Lady. 👵💖🧩

**Tomorrow starts the first of four posts of the Animal Selfies, the small shaped puzzles from Cra-Z-Art. And yes, they will all have names and backstories. Ridiculous names and backstories.


8 thoughts on “I Didn’t Plan Ahead

  1. Deb

    Oh I am green with envy! Like yesterday’s post, it really is Christmas in July for you! I was at Meijer this morning and they got a new crop in of Ceaco and White Mountain puzzles. So out comes the credit card again.
    Enjoy opening all those treasures. You should make a video – it would be fun to watch!

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  2. I just worked out that even if I don’t buy a single puzzle for the rest of the year, I’ve still acquired a lot more pieces than I’ll be able to place in 2020. I’m already close to the point where I just can’t fit anymore puzzles into my flat…

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      1. I have puzzles stacked from floor to ceiling… In Dortmund, I have a pretty big closet in the cellar, but it’s too humid down there to store puzzles. I’ll just have to puzzle faster to get a few out the door 🙂

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