My Apologies…Sort Of

I left all you puzzle fans high and dry for the last several days, and you have my apologies…..sort of.

I needed a few mental health days; and though I do NOT apologize either for needing them or for taking them, I am sorry that I didn’t give you all a heads up first. Unfortunately I cannot say “all is well”, but it’s marginally better – enough to get back to my puzzles and My Jigsaw Journal at the very least.

So, back to the puzzles we all know and love. I will be back to the puzzle board today and working on a puzzle. Hope you all have been well, I’ve missed you! 💖

9 thoughts on “My Apologies…Sort Of

  1. Penny Weiss

    Stacey, take all the time you need. We, your constant readers, will always be here to support you. Mental health is a seriously underadvocated and yet critical part of society. There should never be any embarrassment or shame involved in speaking up to say, “Hey, I am not okay today, and need to take some time.”

    Big hugs and happy to have you back with us again.

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  2. Ellen LoGiudice

    So glad you’re back, Stacey.
    Sometimes we must just tend to ourselves and take a break to build up our reserves again. Life can be a puzzle and we need to sort out the pieces!

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