What’s Next?

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The birds are finished and put away, and today I’m deciding what’s next. There are a lot of mitigating factors that go into that decision for me; what do you do when deciding what’s next?

Do you have your to-do pile in order and just take the next puzzle on top and get assembling? I’ve tried to do that, but it just doesn’t work for me.

I have in my head usually the type of puzzle or a piece count that I want to do next, but normally those don’t end up being the next puzzle done. I may not be in the mood for a landscape, or I may not be feeling well enough to sit and put together a 1000 piece puzzle. It basically all depends on the day, and my mood, and how I’m feeling physically – along with a bunch of other considerations.

What’s next for you? How did you decide?

15 thoughts on “What’s Next?

  1. Deb

    I usually grab the next one in my stack but if I’m lucky enough to have a large stash I’ll mix it up. I just finished an artsy puzzle and now I’m going to start a collage and after that a Wysocki image. Keeps it fresh and fun!

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    1. Tayo G

      My kids usually pick out the next jigsaw we do these days.I don’t have a big stash. So we look through them and decide. We have done some over and over but still love them anyway. Jigsaw puzzles are not so common where I live. So I try to let my little collection go a long way.

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      1. Tayo

        I live in Nigeria. Hardly ever find jigsaw puzzles in stores.
        It is just not something people are interested in here I guess.
        My brother lives in the US so any time he is coming home I buy from Amazon and send to him. He brings them free.
        Shipping rates to these parts is so expensive.
        Sometimes I wonder why I did not just pick up knitting as a hobby😁

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      2. Knitting is great, but doesn’t need your entire focus like puzzling does.

        I hope you’ll be able to see your brother soon, I worry that those of us in the US won’t be able to travel anywhere for quite some time because our response to the virus has been so poorly run. I’d be happy to help stock your brother up with some gently used puzzles for his next trip to Nigeria. 🙂


      3. Tayo G

        That is so kind of you. I really do appreciate the offer. I’ll let you know anytime he is coming home. It won’t be anytime soon though.
        Thank you.

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      4. Tayo G

        That’s just so kind of you. I really do appreciate the offer.
        He won’t be coming home any time soon though. But I would let you know anytime he is.
        Thank you so much. 😊

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  2. Sandra

    I look through my stash and see what looks interesting with the level of difficulty that fits my mood. Impossible to guess before looking at my stash!

    I am looking forward to seeing your completed bird puzzles.

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  3. Liana

    I am just starting to build a stash. Some I have bought new. Others were from a puzzle exchange group. It was from your blog that I decided to check out a thrift store. I just about screamed in excitement because there on the shelf was the mini shaped Cupcake puzzle for $1.99. I could not believe my luck. It was well taken care of and already sorted into individual bags. So far no missing pieces. Thanks for the Thrift store idea.

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  4. It’s pretty random, I just look around and take whatever grabs my fancy. I’m unlikely to choose two really challenging ones in a row, but otherwise, I can’t see a pattern. In fact, I recently added a feature to my puzzle database UI that offers up a random puzzle from my pile, and I can even choose a piece range. I don’t often take the first suggestion, but I enjoy the feature anyway 🙂

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