Vintage Holiday

Vintage Holiday
Vintage Holiday – Milton Bradley (Big Ben) – 1000 pieces

It was the colors that drew me to this puzzle, they were just too fun and happy to resist. I’m glad to say that I had a great time with this one, and it had just the right level of difficulty. It’s a fun image with fantastic image reproduction – all in all a wonderful puzzle!

Although it wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be, it was by no means an easy puzzle. But the challenge was completely absorbing and I loved it. The pieces were thinner than I’m used to, but still quite workable with an exceptional fit. I don’t think I’ve done a Big Ben puzzle with 1000 pieces for quite a long time, and I was pretty happy with the quality.

Vintage Holiday 1

Loved the look of these two magazines, they were one of the first sections that I assembled – old time detective mags, very cool!

Vintage Holiday 2

Here is an article from obviously a very old magazine; it seems to be saying that if your husband cheats that you’re driving him to it because you aren’t meeting his “needs”. Are you friggin kidding me?!? What a load of crap. Most people probably wouldn’t notice it, it’s only 4 pieces out of 1000, but I certainly did.

Vintage Holiday 3

This postcard section was really fun to put together, but I’m not sure I could explain why – it was just truly entertaining. The postcards and sunglasses made for great puzzling. Or perhaps I need to get out more, I’d much rather assemble a beach puzzle than go to an actual beach. Sand everywhere – yick!

With all that’s going on in the world now, going to the beach is most definitely not a good idea; all you can do is dream of going to the beach- or perhaps assemble an entertaining beach themed puzzle! 🙂

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