Baskets – Milton Bradley – 500 pieces

Baskets was so much more difficult than I thought, still it was a fun challenge to assemble. I wouldn’t say that it’s “pretty”, but it’s an interesting image and I enjoyed putting it together.

The quality was quite good, and the hand feel of the pieces was very nice. Overall I find these smaller Milton Bradley puzzles to be very good quality with beautiful image reproduction, and they have so many interesting and different images like this one.

Baskets 1

This is the first basket that I assembled, the pink and black pattern was easy to pick out, but none of these baskets was easy to put together. With so many areas of shading, and different patterns and shades of color, it was much more difficult than it looks.

Difficult or not though, it kept me fully engrossed and entertained; I was pretty proud of myself when I finished too!

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