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All of my puzzle boards are empty, and I haven’t chosen what’s next for any of them. I have two large fabric covered boards and a white board, and for the first time in several weeks they’re all bare. There are so many puzzles to choose from here that I haven’t been able to narrow down which one is next.

I’ve had a VERY difficult 1500 piece puzzle on my second board for a few weeks now, working on it here and there, but never long enough to get too frustrated. It’s not an image that I would normally choose to assemble, but it is beautiful artwork and the puzzle was one that I brought over from mom’s house. I remember when she found it at the thrift store and that she loved the image; and even though she knew it would be a challenging puzzle she thought that the two of us together would be able to get it done. We never got the chance to work on it together, but I got it done for her. 💝

So, many empty boards and no new puzzles in the works just yet. Hopefully I can decide on something today and get it started. Although, I may take the day off and lay around in bed, we’ll have to wait and see.

8 thoughts on “Nothing in Progress

  1. Heidi

    Many times reader, first time commenter, I just wanted to share a “just snapped” story (recent, I’ve barely recovered).
    Falcon (around Britain) 1000 pieces – man moving through idyllic snow scene in picturesque village – I had completed about 90 % and all of a sudden (not out of nowhere, though, because I had had it up to here with the many colours of sleet, snow, stone fence with a hint of snow…) and after testing 100 pieces I simply snapped and grabbed two corners … and the rest is history 😀

    Two weeks later, and I’m still looking for inspiration … so I completely get the no inspiration situation.

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