Day After Thanksgiving Blues

Usually the day after Thanksgiving is very hard on me. I always try too much to be useful getting the meal cooked and on the table and end up paying for it the next day. This year was no exception – but with the added pressure and sadness of cooking the meal for the first time without mom. My daughter and I wanted to get everything right this year, especially for my dad (and in a way for mom too). We did a pretty darn good job I think, and I’m unbelievably proud of my beautiful daughter for doing most of the heavy lifting and making us a wonderful holiday dinner. You were amazing sweetie! 💖

As usual I did way too much and am paying for it afterwards, but with the added problem of a new pain medication that is, no joke, kicking my ass. I spent the day after Thanksgiving in bed, but this time with all the lights off and the door closed as there was no energy to puzzle, not even laying down.

Last year after the holiday I wrote a post about how I puzzle in bed, showing off my trays and how I can work in bed even when I don’t feel well enough to sit at the puzzle table. There was none of that this year unfortunately, and there are so many puzzles I need to get to assembling!

I’ve got a 2000 piece Charles Fazzino image that I am assembling for a review, and I am still sorting it after many days. It looks like so much fun to put together, but I need to get myself out of this room and sitting in front of my puzzle board.


There are many, many buildings and look at all those butterflies in the air; it’s going to be a very interesting and entertaining assembly I think, if it ever gets past the sorting stage. Hopefully today’s the day I can start actually working on it. Fingers crossed! 🤞

2 thoughts on “Day After Thanksgiving Blues

  1. Penny Weiss

    Somehow I missed this post all together! Thats odd. Anyway…beautiful post. And you made it through one of the biggest “firsts”…I am sure it was extremely difficult, but YOU DID IT!

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