Review Update…

In my reviews of the above Cloudberries puzzles, I mentioned that I thought they should put the dimensions of the finished puzzle on the box so we puzzlers can be sure it will fit our workspaces.

Yesterday I was informed that they, in fact, do put the dimensions on the box. Oops! I looked all over the boxes to try and find the puzzle size, and somehow I completely missed it every time. My sincere apologies!

Cloudberries box

I can only blame lack of sleep and pain meds for my poor observational skills (or perhaps my advancing age and worsening eyesight). As you can see above, the first line of the small print shows the finished size of the puzzle.

I’ve edited both reviews, and wanted to be certain to update my readers as well. I’ll do my best to be more observant from now on. 🙂

9 thoughts on “Review Update…

  1. meg peters

    not as happy with a cloudberries puzzle I just got from amazon (returned it also)…I found the pieces quite thin & flimsie…some were not cut all the way through & would tear when I gently tried to separate. I really was hoping to enjoy.

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  2. Debby Zook

    It’s an important piece of information and should be more prominently placed on the box. It’s very annoying to have to search and search for it. Same for the artist’s name.

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