Today’s Work in Progress

In Progress 2

This puzzle is going very slowly, though I’m not sure why. I didn’t touch it at all yesterday, but that was just because I wasn’t feeling well. But when I’m actually working on it, it seems to be slogging along at a snail’s pace.

When we first got this puzzle, mom and I both said it looked like a fun image to put together. I still think that, but for some reason I can’t explain it’s going much less quickly than I assumed it would.

I’m still enjoying it though, and I’m hoping to make some good progress today.

Are you working on anything fun? How’s it going?

8 thoughts on “Today’s Work in Progress

  1. Ellen LoGiudice

    Hi, Stacey, True how sometimes a puzzle surprises you with not being the fun you thought it would be!

    I’m doing a Pintoo puzzle. Once in a while they’re fun. The plastic pieces click together so perfectly and the printing is beautiful. The cuts are almost invisible when it’s finished.

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  2. Ellen LoGiudice

    Actually they’re always fun but a bit costly! Amazon has many to choose from. They have regular puzzles in all piece counts and also 3D ones in the shape of vases, little planters, etc. Wonderful printing quality. The pieces snap together satisfyingly and can be picked up in one piece.

    The one I’m working on is a mini puzzle called “Especially for you”. The pieces are quite small. A whimsical scene in pretty colors. Cute stylized animals including an elephant, panda, cat and goose sit on a park bench holding presents. It’s about 8” x 5” and comes with a little easel to set it on when finished. Only around 250 pieces. I’m really enjoying it!

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  3. Marleen

    Found your blog because of the ludicrous lighthouse puzzle (Colin Thompson) which I will receive tomorrow. After reading your blog about it I realized I have quite a bout of P.A.D.S. myself. Working on a 1000 piece Piatnik puzzle with sea urchins. Bright and colourful, bit easier than the wine corks I did less month. Will follow your blog. Have fun!

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