Started Sorting…


I started sorting this 500 piece Buffalo puzzle this morning. I’m looking forward to putting together so many signs and words – words to assemble are my happy place. 🙂

Mom and I finished The Messenger yesterday, and I also started and completed a 300 piece after mom went home. Can’t say my mojo is back entirely, but perhaps it’s on it’s way home.

My oldest is driving me to Sam’s Club this morning to pick up a couple of things (and get more driving practice before his road test 😱). I wonder if they have jigsaw puzzles there? Hmmm.


6 thoughts on “Started Sorting…

  1. Anonymous

    This is a really nice looking puzzle, I hope you’ll share a close-up photo of what’s behidn the windows once you are all done. My fave “general store” themed puzzle by Buffalo is the one that Aimee Stewart did. I did it in a 500 piece count (I think you did too?) It’s also available in 1000 pieces but I think that would be too much for me.


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