Desserts in Progress

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Desserts – eeBoo

I started making desserts yesterday – though not the kind I can eat unfortunately. 😉 I was sent this colorful, gorgeous puzzle to review and spent some time on Saturday getting it started. The colors are so bright and fun, it’s going to be an entertaining assembly – I love it already!

It got started in bed, as is usual these days. I sorted and began assembling small sections on trays in bed. Everything you see that isn’t an edge was completed on trays, and when I was feeling a little more rested in the evening I was able to assemble the edge on the board in the puzzle room. Almost all of it connected to the edges.

It’s not much, but that’s what was completed yesterday. I’m still in bed recovering from another 8 hours in the car for a doctor’s visit this week, though this trip took almost 14 hours because we had car trouble. It was a horrible trip, with more upsetting news from the doctor, a significant chunk of time spent sitting and waiting for repairs, and way too much time in the car.

Thankfully we’re living in the age of cell phones, so neither of us little gray haired ladies had to walk anywhere or get into a stranger’s car to drive to a phone to call for help. There’s always something to be thankful for, right?

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