Happy Nautilus World

Happy Nautilus World
Happy Nautilus World – Zen Puzzles – 68 pieces

This is one of the Peapod puzzles from the children’s line at Zen Art & Design. I wanted to try some new wooden puzzle companies, ended up buying this one because it was on sale and I thought I’d compare it to an “adult” puzzle from Zen.  I really love the silky feel of the pieces, but I do wish they were more interestingly shaped.

The pieces weren’t as large as I expected for a children’s puzzle, they’re about the same size (or smaller) than some Liberty pieces. Still, I think it’s great to have such lovely puzzles for kids. And the whimsies came in a small mesh bag – very cool; but why do the kids get more whimsies than the adults do? The 50 piece adult puzzle I assembled only had one whimsy. No fair.

Happy Nautilus World whimsies

It was a fun puzzle! 🙂

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