Who’s Your Favorite Jigsaw Artist?

These are puzzles from 3 of my very favorite jigsaw puzzle artists – Aimee Stewart, Charlie Girard and Geoff Tristam. Of course they’re not the only ones, there are many more. There’s so much out there to choose from, so many puzzles and so little time (and money)!

Who are your favorite artists?

4 thoughts on “Who’s Your Favorite Jigsaw Artist?

  1. Ellen LoGiudice

    It’s funny how Geoff Tristram can do his hilarious cartoons and then turn around and do really beautiful realistic artwork for his Catology series.
    Love Kim Norlien, Steve Crisp, Rosiland Solomon, Mark Fredrickson. I don’t like Terry Redlin however. Somehow I find his lighting too eerie, rather disturbing.
    There are really so many wonderful artists being represented in jigsaw puzzles nowadays!


    1. I love all of Geoff Tristam’s work, even the cats, but the cartoons and his sense of humor are what really resonates with me.

      I like Crisp, and Solomon too, but I don’t think I’ve ever worked a Mark Frederickson puzzle. I’m not so much a big fan of Norlien or Redlin, although some of their puzzles are very pretty.

      And thanks for being the only person who answered my question! 🙂


  2. Penny Allenbaugh Weiss

    My favorites are many, and varied….I love Colin Thompson, Thomas Kinkade, Eugene Lusphin, David Penfound, Dominic Davison, Peter Brueghel the Elder, and also Royce B. McClure of course. 🙂



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