Puzzle in Progress

Pattern 3 by Patchwork

I’m having lots of fun with this puzzle so far, I love the artwork. It’s the Patchwork series by Milton Bradley, and the patterns are gorgeous and make for really fun puzzling!

I’ve already completed Pattern 4, and I’m on the lookout for Pattern 1 (of course I’d have to leave the house and go shopping to find it, but those are minor details 😉 ) I can’t even find an image of Pattern 2 anywhere online, so either it wasn’t made into a puzzle or it is no longer in production.

The quality of these “brick box” puzzles is quite good; I love the feel of the pieces and the fit is excellent. I’m hoping to get this one finished today, it’s too much fun to leave sitting for long!

4 thoughts on “Puzzle in Progress

  1. Sam Sattler

    How old are those puzzles? I’ll keep an eye out for them as I stop by Goodwill Stores to check for new puzzles. They are such eye-catchers that I shouldn’t miss them, and I would be happy to send anything in the series that I find.


      1. Sam Sattler

        I stop by Tuesday Morning stores at least once a week, two of them, so I’ll make sure to look for them. I’m surprised they are 2017 because they have that “look” of a previous generation of puzzles about them.


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