Travel Around the World

Travel Around the World – Grafika – 48000 pieces

Today’s puzzle was completed by a reader from the UK who has completed MANY large piece puzzles – congratulations on your achievement Derek, it looks beautiful!

This is the current World’s Largest Jigsaw Puzzle at 48,000 pieces and is made by Grafika, a French puzzle manufacturer. The puzzle comes in 24 bags of 2000 pieces each, much easier to deal with than some sections of the larger piece count puzzles; and storing the completed sections would be easier as well. The image forms a world tour that represents countries and places from every continent – stunning! The finished puzzle measures approximately 25.2 feet long and 6.7 feet high (768 x 204 cm). It’s absolutely breathtaking!

Derek says it’s the best quality jigsaw puzzle he’s ever worked on. Wow! That’s saying something, because he’s worked a LOT of different puzzle brands. I’m dying to try a Grafika puzzle, but they’re not very readily available here in the US.


The colors are soft and beautiful, I bet it’s gorgeous in person! Derek raises money for charities by auctioning off the final 10 pieces of the puzzle, giving a few people a chance to “complete” the World’s Largest Jigsaw Puzzle – isn’t that a great idea? I love it! So far with this puzzle he’s raised about £6000 for cancer research and the Yorkshire Air Ambulance – amazing!

To date Derek has completed two 32,000 piece puzzles, a 24,000 piece, two 18,000 pieces, a 13,200 piece, and two 9,000 pieces – and he raises money for charities with every one – what an awe-inspiring accomplishment! All of his puzzles are framed and on display at his place of work, Dove Mill. I’m definitely inspired by both his dedication to puzzling and his use of puzzles to help raise money for charities that are important to him.

Look at all those cute little guys in front of that giant puzzle!

Well done my friend!  👏👏👏  I can’t wait to see what you do next!

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