National Puzzle Day 2018

3 generations of women worked on this puzzle together, finished it together too!

Happy National Puzzle Day my friends! Today’s the day to enjoy puzzles no matter where you’re from or what kind of puzzles you like. It doesn’t have to be a jigsaw puzzle; you can do a word search, sudoku, crosswords or any puzzle that makes you happy. My love of puzzles comes from my family, so National Puzzle Day is a day for me to appreciate my loved ones as well as enjoying my jigsaw puzzles.

Last year my puzzle day post was mostly about my grama, she was the one who started me on the puzzling path; she was smart as a whip, and always working on some kind of puzzle. Jigsaw puzzles were her favorite, but she loved puzzles of many kinds – crosswords, anacrostics, word search, logic problems, etc. This year though, this post is about my momma. Grama got me started, but mom keeps me going. ❤

When I was injured several years ago, mom and I both got back into jigsaw puzzles; I needed something to do to stave off the boredom, she joined me – and it has snowballed from there! We text pictures of our puzzles to each other, send email with links to awesome puzzles we’ve found online, and can talk on the phone about jigsaw puzzles for lengths of time that would astound you! She doesn’t roll her eyes when I’m talking about a puzzle I want or how much fun I’m having with my current puzzle, and she’s quite the enabler with her black belt thrift store shopping skills. Whenever I want to talk puzzles, I want to talk to my mom.

I enjoy my alone puzzle time, I listen to music or stand up comedy and can relax and enjoy the process. But it’s so much more fun to work on puzzles with mom. We talk and laugh, tease each other, and we can cuss up a storm when things aren’t going well or we can’t find that one elusive piece we’ve been searching for! (There is something so adorable and funny about little old ladies cussing, she makes me giggle when she swears 👵)

Puzzles are much more fun with mom around to share them with me, and I try not to take for granted the time we spend puzzling together. She was recently out of the country for 10 days, and her first day back we assembled 2 and a half puzzles and spent the whole day together. I missed her so much! Puzzling is so much nicer for me with my loved ones, and I’m so glad mom and I make up such a great puzzle posse. 🙂

I hope you spend today with a great puzzle and hopefully with someone you love. Puzzles are great for keeping your mind sharp, and for me they also keep my heart connected to the wonderful women in my family who made me the puzzle fanatic I am today, and gave me their time and love in the process. I miss you gram, and I love you mom❣

Happy National Puzzle Day everyone, and for those of you participating in the Jigsaw Jubilee – happy puzzling and good luck!


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