Fairgrounds by Eric Joyner – Andrews + Blaine – 126 pieces

After attempting Winter Aspen, I consciously stayed away from very small piece puzzles. It took a while for my bruised ego to recover from my defeat, but eventually I decided to give them another try. I’m not sure where they came from, but mom had two 126 piece puzzles in clear plastic boxes. The completed puzzle measures approximately 3.9 x 11.8 inches (10 x 30 cm) They’re so cute and tiny, you could take them anywhere!


The image of this one looked fun (and decidedly easier than the other – Van Gogh’s Irises), so Fairground was it. The assembly was pretty quick and straightforward; it was a bit more challenging than the average 100 piece children’s puzzle, but it was very enjoyable. The pieces were very nice, thicker than other small puzzles that I’ve worked. They were sturdy and fit together quite well. The image reproduction is clear and bright; I was impressed with the quality of the entire puzzle.

To be honest, I didn’t even realize until I was finished that the two “towers” on either side of the image were made of doughnuts! 🍩 Once I saw the doughnut towers I realized it was artwork by Eric Joyner. I’d seen a few puzzles with his artwork from Artifact Puzzles when I was trying to decide on the image for my first wooden puzzle. I love the whimsy of the works, and the silliness – not to mention the bright, fun colors. There are even a few of his puzzles on my wish list of Artifact Puzzles.

I think I’ve gotten over my inability to complete Winter Aspen, and if there’s a world’s smallest puzzle that looks like fun I’ll probably attempt it. I still have Van Gogh’s Irises, same clear plastic box, same piece count – but it’s going to be a tad more of a challenge. Perhaps I’ll attempt it on a day when it feels like all the brain cells are firing at maximum capacity. Today – it ain’t that day. 🤨

3 thoughts on “Fairgrounds

    1. It was a gift. It does double duty as I’m a jigsaw puzzle addict, and I also have 2 children with autism – puzzle pieces are the symbol for autism awareness. If you search for autism coffee mugs or even jigsaw puzzle mugs you’ll find a ton of different mugs to choose from. Hope you can find something you like! 😉


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