Fishing with Friends

Fishing with Friends – Jumbo (Deco Puzzle) – 1000 pieces

Beautiful puzzle that I don’t believe Jumbo is manufacturing anymore, I got the last one at Puzzle Warehouse. It’s really lovely, but I wouldn’t want to do another one.

Jumbo is right up there with Ravensburger in my opinion, excellent quality puzzles and a great catalog. Their fit is exceptional and I love the way the pieces feel in my hands. In my mind these two companies are tied for first place.

This puzzle, however, was a bit tedious. Not counting the border, 99% of the pieces were ballerinas (2 prong/2 hole) and many pieces could be placed where they didn’t belong. With so much sameness in the sky and water it was pretty difficult and time consuming working those areas.

On the positive side, the puzzle comes with a chart of the pieces because you’re supposed to assemble the entire puzzle and then remove the pieces indicated on the chart to give you the decorative edge you see above. It was extremely helpful in finding the correct pieces to assemble the border. You’re supposed to start with the large piece in the center of the puzzle and work outward from there. I don’t always do as I’m told, so I assembled the edge and the chart was very helpful. 😎

Glue was also included. A packet of powder that you mix with water and then apply. I followed the directions and the glue was very thick, almost a gel-like consistency. I tried to apply it the way I normally do, but it didn’t work very well. I think perhaps it would have been easier to apply with a brush. I’ll have to try it with a paintbrush if there’s a next time with powdered glue.

The puzzle is gorgeous, and I’m glad I did it. But I also was a little let down by the assembly and probably wouldn’t order another one unless the image was amazing. But since they’re no longer being produced I doubt I’ll come across another any time soon. Still, the deco border makes the puzzle stand out, and it’s really quite beautiful!

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