The Few And The Proud

The Few And The Proud by Ray Simon – Sunsout – 1000 pieces

I can finally put this puzzle on the blog, because I assembled, glued and framed it for my husband for Christmas. My marine likes it very much, or he’s being nice and saying that he does like an intelligent man!

I have to say I’m not a fan of Sunsout puzzles, this puzzle especially. The cut didn’t seem to be completely through the cardboard because there were “hanging chads” on every piece which got in the way a lot of the time and had to be removed. Also I am not a fan of puzzles that you have to really push hard to get the pieces together. To me it feels like if I have to work this hard it probably doesn’t fit. Just my personal preference. And this puzzle was DARK. Very dark. I knew that when I ordered it, but when you add in the way you have to work to get the pieces together it was a chore to finish the puzzle.

If it hadn’t been a gift I most likely wouldn’t have finished it. I had done Sunsout puzzles before and knew it wouldn’t be the most enjoyable assembly, but they were the only company with this image and I really wanted to do this puzzle for my husband. So I whined and complained but I got it done and it really does like quite nice framed. Hubby likes it, so it was all worth it. 🙂

I will add, though, that we have found a few Sunsout puzzles at the thrift store, and sometimes the quality of the pieces is quite good. We have a 1500 piece Sunsout puzzle where the pieces seem to fit more normally and the quality of the cut seems 100% better. I guess for me I would only purchase this brand if I could see the actual pieces and how they fit together first. So it’ll likely be only from thrift stores that I get Sunsout. Again, just my personal opinion.

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