Retro Cats

Retro Cats – Re-marks – 300 pieces

This was such a fun puzzle, I had the best time putting it together! I don’t always say this about 300 piece puzzles, but this one would be even better at 1000 pieces. Each of the sections was fun and interesting to assemble, I wish there had been more pieces so I could have spent more time with each one. (The picture is a bit fuzzy, my apologies 😕)

Cats aren’t really my thing, I’m more a pooch person; but these cats are too cute to resist and the entire puzzle was completely entertaining. I did the Retro Dogs puzzle last year, it was a Christmas present from my son, and my daughter helped me with the assembly. They’re both fun collages with very good quality pieces – what more could you ask for?

These cats show 3 different sides of me, sweet, sassy, and completely weird – that’s pretty much me in a nutshell!

Garden Room

Garden Room
Garden Room by Kate Mason – Re-marks – 200 pieces

Garden Room was a lot of fun, I think mostly because I enjoyed having a smaller piece count puzzle with “regular” sized pieces. Most puzzles that are 300 pieces or less have the larger, EZ grip pieces. This one was only 200 pieces, but they were the size you normally see in a 1000 piece puzzle, I had a very good time assembling it!

I am feeling brave this weekend and have started a 1000 piece puzzle from a company I haven’t tried before; plus I’m trying to finish a very large 3D puzzle that I’m reviewing. Wish me luck!