So Very Tired….

It happened again…

Sorry everybody, yesterday was another day of making masks – I never even opened up my laptop! I had a puzzle on the board ready to start sorting it, but my daughter came over early in the morning and wanted to make more masks for herself (and me), and we spent HOURS at it.

When she left, I’m not gonna lie, I laid down on the couch and took a nap. I got up, ate dinner, and promptly went back to sleep until 2:00 am. Yikes. I was tired y’all!

She’s coming back over today to finish up a few more masks – girls’ gotta have some choices – so the only thing on my board at the moment is the serger (sewing machine) and a bunch of fabric. Tomorrow, hopefully, I’ll have enough energy to sit and start a new puzzle, because it is definitely not happening today.

My Apologies…Sort Of

I left all you puzzle fans high and dry for the last several days, and you have my apologies…..sort of.

I needed a few mental health days; and though I do NOT apologize either for needing them or for taking them, I am sorry that I didn’t give you all a heads up first. Unfortunately I cannot say “all is well”, but it’s marginally better – enough to get back to my puzzles and My Jigsaw Journal at the very least.

So, back to the puzzles we all know and love. I will be back to the puzzle board today and working on a puzzle. Hope you all have been well, I’ve missed you! 💖