Christmas Cookies

Christmas Cookies by Allied Products – Majestic Puzzles (Springbok) – 500 pieces

Another puzzle sent by a puzzling friend, you can never have too many of those! I always appreciate it when someone thinks I’ll enjoy a puzzle and sends it along, it’s just so thoughtful and I love that. 💙 Christmas puzzles aren’t my favorite, as you all know, because they all seem so alike and the images are just not my pile of pieces. When there’s a different one though, it usually finds it’s way to me – just like this one has.

This puzzle had great quality, the pieces feel like a Springbok but without the super tight fit. That would probably be because they’re part of the Springbok line (which I did not know until writing up this post). Looking at the pieces it seemed as though it might be a difficult assembly, but it turned out it was more fun than I thought it would be. It was a great puzzle that went together quickly.

I started with the yellow, blue, and the sugary red mitten; then filled in all the green. I don’t usually have in process pictures, but for some reason I felt like documenting part of the assembly for this one.

This puzzle was so much fun to put together, and is a beautiful finished image – I love cookie puzzles!

Animal Planet

Animal Planet
Animal Planet – Majestic Puzzles – 400 pieces

This is a “Family Puzzle”, it has 3 different sizes of pieces so that the entire family can help assemble it. To be honest I’ve never assembled one with the family, I’ve always done them either alone or with mom. I’m such a puzzle fanatic that I enjoy puzzles for all ages, and a family puzzle has all of them in one box – perfect!

Majestic Puzzles is a new brand for me, and I was impressed with the quality. The pieces were thick and fit together very well. It’s randomly cut so there are a nice variety of shapes and it made for an interesting and challenging assembly. The image reproduction is beautiful with clean lines and bright colors and no blurring or fuzziness. All in all it’s a great quality puzzle.

I sorted the pieces by shape and then assembled it the same way, starting with the largest pieces.Animal Planet 1

It’s odd to have all the kids pieces around the edge. Most of the family puzzles I’ve worked have them all on one side. If you truly want the family to work together it seems more ideal to have big pieces on the left (for example), medium pieces in the middle and smallest pieces on the right. If the whole family tried to work on this one it would be difficult for those working on the smaller pieces to connect them to anything until the kids had finished the outside.

Animal Planet 2

I sorted by size, but obviously I didn’t get all the pieces in their correct piles, there are a few holes. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell the difference between a smaller medium sized piece and a larger small piece. (I hope that made sense) 😉

I enjoyed this puzzle much more than I anticipated, the image was challenging and beautiful – a lovely combination. Jungle scenes aren’t usually images I would choose, but the different piece sizes made it more interesting and the beautiful reproduction and great fit made it quite fun. If you come across a family puzzle by Majestic I would definitely recommend giving it a try.