Bread Baking

Bread Baking
Bread Baking by Kim Jacobs – Milton Bradley – 500 pieces

This image would make for a lovely wall hanging in someone’s kitchen. But it made for a  challenging jigsaw puzzle – at least for me. The color palette is so pale and sometimes indistinct; and for someone who loves bright colors (me), it made the assembly a little more difficult to get through.

It was a gift though, and even if the colors aren’t to my choosing or the image isn’t one I’d pick out I thoroughly appreciate the thought that went into it. Someone took the time to select this puzzle for me because they thought I would like it, that is what’s really important – not the image, the quality, or the size. Even though it isn’t a puzzle that I would have chosen for myself I love it for who gave it to me, and the thought it represents. 💝

Bread Baking 1

I loved the red oven – not only would I love to have a red oven because it’s my favorite color, I loved this one because the pieces were easy to pick out. There really wasn’t anything else red in this image besides the rug. It was a good place to start. 🙂

Bread Baking 2

So many cats! There must be cat hair all over that kitchen! I’m not sure I’d want them hanging around sticky bread dough being shaped and proved.

I’ve never had any major quality issues with these smaller piece count Milton Bradley puzzles. The fit on this one was a bit loose, but not too much so. Otherwise it was good quality; thick board, nice variety of shapes, and very nice image reproduction. For me they’ve always been a good quality puzzle that I never hesitate to purchase when I find them.

The colors and brush strokes made this assembly a challenge for me, but I conquered it anyway – like the Goddess of Puzzles that I am. 👑

Bread Baking In Progress

Bread Baking IP
Bread Baking by Kim Jacobs – Milton Bradley – 500 pieces

This puzzle has been very slow going – the colors are very muted and almost nothing at all is obvious. It may be partly due to the new dosage of my pain medication (YIKES), but mostly I think it’s the image. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

My blog tells me I’ve assembled one other puzzle by this artist, and looking back at the post I see that it wasn’t one that I particularly enjoyed. Although the artwork on both puzzles is lovely, they just don’t seem to make good puzzles for me. It’s just one of those subjective things, it isn’t especially my pile of pieces.

It was a gift – one of my Christmas puzzles – and I’m hoping as I get further into the assembly it will get a little easier, and perhaps a little more enjoyable. 🙂