Quilts – Cobble Hill – 500 pieces

Quilt puzzles make me happy, and this image was different than the norm. A stack of folded quilts doesn’t sound like an interesting image, but put them in the right order and it’s a beautiful little piece of artwork.

Cobble Hill puzzles are very good quality, and although I enjoy all of the different sizes and piece counts, their puzzles with large pieces are highly entertaining for me. Thankfully they are not a company that has only one piece shape, and are one of the few companies that use a truly random cut that makes an otherwise simplistic image more engaging.

I loved this puzzle from the first piece to the last, and would definitely recommend it. 💜


Archie Covers

Archie Covers
Archie Covers – Cobble Hill – 500 pieces

This puzzle was so much fun! The puzzle I put together just before this one was very muted with lots of shades of brown, and the bright colors and larger pieces made this assembly so much more entertaining.

Great Cobble Hill quality; thick, larger pieces that fit together very well with a nice variety of shapes. Excellent image reproduction!

Archie Covers 1

Of course this is my favorite panel, girls rule! I will say, however, that the teeny waist on the woman in yellow is unrealistically small. Real women who don’t wear corsets and have all their ribs do not look like that and should never be expected to look like that. I know it’s just a comic book, but still…

Archie Covers 2

I think this must be how every generation feels about the next generation’s music. Of course you always think that the music of your youth is superior, I know I do. My parents were a bit different though; they did think their music was better, but they also just loved music in general and appreciated my generation’s music as well. Mom loved Boy George! She thought his voice was beautiful and loved when his songs would come on the radio. Dad was a drummer when he was young, and he loved a good beat – no matter what the lyrics said. 🥁

Isn’t it funny how an image can trigger all sorts of different memories?