Chocolate Memorabilia

Chocolate Memorabilia – Great American Puzzle Factory – 550 pieces

This puzzle was as nice to assemble as chocolate is to eat! Great thrift store find from the Great American Puzzle Factory, all pieces present and accounted for. 🙂

Another new-to-us company and we were impressed! The pieces are on the thin side, but are sturdy and feel good in your hand. The fit was very nice with random cut pieces, and the image reproduction was good with a shiny finish that can cause glare. Very nice puzzle that has found a new home with us. Hopefully we find more puzzles from this company at the thrift stores so we can compare the quality and see if it holds up.

Mom and I started the puzzle together and got about 50-60% done before I had to go home. We worked primarily on the words, there are so many! By the time all the words were complete the puzzle itself was about 50% complete. She finished it on her own the same evening, it was too much fun to leave it alone! I love puzzles like that. ❤

I enjoy trying out new companies, and seeing all the cool puzzles mom finds at the thrift stores. Perhaps there will come a day when we stop finding new companies to try out, but with so many countries in the world and so many manufacturers, I doubt it! 😁