Retail Therapy

Why do they call it “retail therapy”? Every time I give it a try it doesn’t do a damn thing. I’m always happy to find interesting, beautiful, or unique puzzles; but honestly it really isn’t any kind of therapy.

I don’t have remorse, or spend more than we can afford – and my shopping most definitely isn’t out of control (I really do despise shopping in general). It may boost your mood temporarily, but for me it isn’t nearly as long-lasting as I would like.

On the positive side, I did find myself about ten new puzzles; and I’m almost certain I will enjoy putting each and every one together. 💗

12 thoughts on “Retail Therapy

      1. I don’t know what it is but I really do like grocery shopping. I’m a couponer (not like those extreme couponers from that TLC tv show from way back) so I get a little thrill when I get an excellent deal on things that we actually use. A lot of times I wait for things to go on sale and then use digital coupons or paper coupons to get extra savings.

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  1. Hi Stacey. You are right that retail therapy is a fleeting form of happiness or mood booster, but still I can’t help telling you that Buffalo Games sent me an email this morning announcing that they have 50 puzzles on their site that they marked down to $4.95!! One of the puzzles in that email was that 1000 Aimee Stewart “Pixels and Pizza” puzzle I told you about 😉 I plan on checking in to their site soon but last time they did a sale like this the few puzzles I was interested in were already sold out.

    Look forward to seeing the pic you will eventually post from you recent puzzle shopping spree.

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