A Break…Hopefully a Short One

I won’t be posting for a bit. Somewhat similar to what happened last year, someone I love is in the hospital, and my focus is required both there (where I cannot be) and here at home taking care of my family.

My husband is the one in the hospital right now, but unlike last year I cannot be with him or even visit. My hope and prayer is that he will be home very soon. Until he is home and we know that all is well, I will be taking a break.

Here’s hoping it’s a short one.

23 thoughts on “A Break…Hopefully a Short One

  1. urzre

    Stacey, hand in hand, no matter how.
    Yesterday I watched a couple together again
    after a period of recovery.
    So it will be with you.


  2. Toni

    Hi there

    I hope your hubby is better soon, out of hospital and home with you. It is a crazy world we are currently living in. I live in Queensland Australia and we see the snippets on the nightly news of what is happening in some other countries and how it is impacting us all.

    Our 5month old puppy labrador saw the brand new puzzle box sitting on the coffee table, ready to start one evening soon. He realised that he is now tall enough to check out items at that height, so he decided to add a bit of sport to our puzzle evenings by ripping the box to shreds, but (thankfully) leaving the plastic bag full of puzzle pieces intact.

    I found your blog and read your feedback on Summer Flowers, which confirmed that I needed to find a good quality picture to print out, so that we would not need to try and do the puzzle from about 30 pieces of shredded carboard with little teeth marks! So many thanks for the picture. 🙂

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  3. Hi Stacey I’ve just discovered YOU today and already your pausing your blog for a while. Praying for your dear husband and you and your family. My dear friend Debra has been bedridden for more than a dozen years and her husband Frank is in and out of the hospital a lot also. Praying for both families.

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      1. Anonymous

        Hello Stacey!

        Glad your husband is well !

        I can understand how maintaining your site might not be a priority anymore, but it would be nice if you could give us all an update from the past year and a farewell.

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      2. A farewell?! I may have taken a break from the blog and puzzles for a bit, but I am in no way giving up on either! LOL

        I’m working on coming back, but things have changed in my household and it’s a little harder than it used to be. That’s all, I’m just figuring things out. I started by logging back on and trying to reply to all the comments I’ve gotten in the past year. It’s a chore! 🙂


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