I wish there was better news to report, but mom is still hospitalized. The afternoon that I posted last was a bad day – things went downhill very quickly and she was rushed to the ICU (Intensive Care Unit). This is day 10 here in ICU for us, and she is somewhat of a medical mystery to the doctors – she has seen ten different doctors from many specialties so far – are they are all still trying to figure things out.

Once things return to a somewhat normal state and I’m sleeping in my own bed instead of between two chairs I hope to get back to posting as usual. Until then, here’s a picture of my sister and I finishing a puzzle together in the waiting room – just our hands of course, you know how I hate having my picture taken.

ICU Waiting room

19 thoughts on “Update…

  1. Ohhh Stacey! So many prayers amd positive thoughts going out to you, Momma and the entire family! I pray for the doctors to figure what is going on so she can be treated and on the mend. Is she at least able to communicate with you guys? Hoping so….

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  2. Mandy Lasker

    Thanks for the update Stacey, you and your mom have been in my thoughts. I hope the medical team can work out a solution and your mom makes a speedy recovery. I’m glad puzzling has given you a little stress release during this difficult time.

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    1. Thanks very much Mandy. The puzzling was more helpful when there was a lot of the family here; there was more conversation with the puzzles. Now that it’s just me in the waiting room most of the time it’s harder to turn off my brain and just work on a puzzle. I know that doesn’t make much sense, but it did in my head, I just didn’t explain it properly.


      1. Of course! The puzzles and us puzzlers will all still be here whenever you feel like getting back to puzzling and your blog again, but you have more important things to think of now.

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