Jigsaw Puzzle Shoes!

Jigsaw shoes
Are these cute or what? (Photo by Fashion4Freedom)

I first saw these on a blog about wooden puzzles I like to read every now and then. She only posts about wooden puzzles, but posted about these shoes because she was traveling and the TSA screener saw them in her bag and commented on them after seeing them on the x-ray of her bag. Aren’t they adorable?

Apparently they’re handmade by an Etsy seller, and WAY out of my price range, but I just love the look of them. They’re not currently listed on the seller’s page, but judging by the shoes that are for sale now I definitely wouldn’t be able to afford them ($450-$950) – even if I could walk around in high heels – which I absolutely can’t!

If you’d like to check out some outrageously beautiful handmade shoes – click here. 🙂

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