Norman Rockwell Update

Made some good progress!

Yesterday’s post got so many comments about this puzzle in particular that I thought I would update it this morning – I made some excellent headway on it. 😎

This is hands down the absolute worst quality puzzle that I’ve ever worked on, but I am stubbornly determined to assemble the image itself at the very least. I will most likely not finish the top and bottom edges or fill in the blue, it will be too frustrating. Hubby wants to work on those, so I will absolutely leave that to him – he’s just as stubborn as I am. If the top and bottom sections don’t get done though, I don’t really care.

The only full image of the puzzle on the box is about 1 x 1.5 inches – way too small to give any assistance. Whoever designed this box obviously doesn’t assemble jigsaw puzzles, how in the world is such a tiny image supposed to help you? I had my laptop sitting next to the board yesterday and brought up the image on the screen – that was a huge help!

I’ll try and do a little more work on it today, but it’s obviously going to take several more days to put the whole thing together. Whenever it gets done is fine with me – I’m in no hurry at all.





2 thoughts on “Norman Rockwell Update

  1. You’re doing great. You’ve already gotten so much further than I did with one of their puzzles that I can’t believe it. I doubt seriously that i will ever try one of these again…and, I’ll take one of your comments a step farther…this whole puzzle (including the box) has to have been designed and produced by someone who HATES jigsaw puzzlers.


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