Perpetual Puzzles Pesky Parrots

Perpetual Puzzles Pesky Parrots by Makoto Nakamura – The Lagoon Group – 36 pieces

Awesome puzzle in a puzzle by The Lagoon Group! There are 36 parrots, 18 facing one direction and 18 facing the opposite. There are several ways to assemble it according to the box. The first way that we tried was the picture above. Make a 6 x 6 “square” where no parrot is touching another parrot of the same color. Not really difficult to do, but the pieces were so fun to work with!

The pieces are extremely thick and the colors are bright and fun. Mom and I didn’t take long to assemble this first puzzle, but we enjoyed it all the same. 🙂

Onward to the next solution….


In this picture is the same “square” 6 x 6 puzzle with no parrot touching another of the same color AND any beaks and feet that touch cannot be the same color. This solution took a little bit more time, and I almost let it beat me; but actually my dad stepped in and moved a few pieces for us! 😮 Puzzles aren’t his thing at all, and he never works puzzles with us – but for some reason he wanted to help with this one. Yay dad!!!

The last way to assemble it is called “Desktop Diversion”, place the pieces however you want, in any order or any shape. You could make a long line of the pieces or an interesting mosaic – it’s all up to you! A lovely way to clear your head and relieve stress if you ask me.

There were at least five different puzzles in this series by Makoto Nakamura, I’d love to find them all! There are Canine Capers, Brilliant Beetles, Lively Lizards, Feline Frenzy, and Pesky Parrots. It doesn’t look like they’re still being produced, but hopefully we find more of them, I loved it!

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