Hurricane Irma

Satellite image of Hurricane Irma

My first thought looking at this picture is that the colors are beautiful and it would make a fun and challenging jigsaw puzzle. That’s only for a second or two though, then I think of how terrifying this hurricane is and that it’s on a collision course with several island countries, all of Florida, and much of the southeastern United States. Millions of lives are being threatened, and I’m praying that no more lives are lost to Irma’s rampage.

We are not under an evacuation order where I live in Florida, at least not yet. And I’m hoping it stays that way; from what I’ve seen on the news the traffic on most roads is a nightmare and I don’t know how in the world we’d be able to get anywhere if we needed to. My family is spending today “battening down the hatches” and preparing to hunker down to ride out the storm together. 8 adults (3 generations of my family) and 4 dogs together in my very small home – there are air mattresses, plenty of jigsaw puzzles to keep us busy, stacks of water bottles, plenty of canned goods and easy to prepare foods, coolers full of ice, and lots and lots of hope.

First and foremost we are hoping that everyone is able to weather this storm without loss of life. We can rebuild homes and get new things, but family and loved ones are irreplaceable. If I have my family with me, home is wherever we are – as long as we’re together.

Although we know that people are the most important thing, we are nonetheless also all hoping that our homes and possessions will not be destroyed by wind, water, or both. There’s plenty of anxiety and tension to go around as we worry about losing the “things” we own or losing a place to live. Worry won’t change a thing, but knowing that doesn’t stop us from worrying.

So my family will gather here to wait out the storm; we will watch the news while we wait, worry, and hope. Some of us here will work on jigsaw puzzles to pass the time, but the puzzles and puzzling isn’t that important. It’s just a way to pass the time and keep our minds from focusing only on the fear, anxiety or dread. I’m praying for all of us in her path, for those who have loved ones in harm’s way, and for everyone affected by hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

I love jigsaw puzzles – I love assembling them, talking about them, shopping for them, blogging about them, even reading about them. But right now, they’re just a way for me to try and keep my mind off of Irma – she is unwanted and unwelcome but she’s on her way. I hope to be back posting about puzzles again very soon.


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