Dog’s Life

Dog’s Life by Marino Degano – Heye – 1000 pieces

I can’t take the credit for this one, mom did the bulk of the assembly, I only assisted. We started it together and got about 25 percent done on a Friday when I went to visit. Then at our next Friday visit I helped her finish probably the last couple hundred pieces – mostly sky.  She did most of the work during the week.

That being said, this puzzle was great fun! There were so many little jokes to find with what all those fleas were doing. Marino Degano’s cartoons are full of humor – most of the time “adult” humor – which I adore. 😇 This puzzle has lots of tongue in cheek humor and made mom and I laugh and point things out to each other while working on it. We especially liked that there was a puzzle store on the dog, and a couple of fleas were coming out of it with a Heye Dog’s Life puzzle!

I’ve got a 4000 piece Degano puzzle that I have yet to assemble full of tongue in cheek humor and lots of naughty bits – this puzzle made me want to get the big board back out and start working on that one.

I love the posters you get with the Heye triangular boxes, it makes it much easier to work on a puzzle with more than one person. It’s also fun to just sit and look at the poster before you start working to see all the funny stuff there is to see, or make a plan as to how you’re going to work the puzzle.

This puzzle had the usual Heye quality – excellent! The only drawback I find with their puzzles is the somewhat loose fit. It’s not too terrible if you’re working on a fabric covered board because the pieces do not move around accidentally unless you bump them pretty good with an arm or hand. But if you’re working on a table or other smooth surface it’s more difficult to deal with. Otherwise I love this brand. The pieces are extremely sturdy, they fit together so that you’ll know if you’ve placed a piece wrongly. I’ve never had to deal with any image lift at all, the image reproduction is gorgeous, and they have one of the best catalogs around – especially for cartoon puzzles.

I would definitely recommend this puzzle, it’s about medium difficulty as there is a bit of sky – but there are clouds and different shades to help find the correct piece. The artwork is wonderfully cute and funny and a little bit naughty which makes for a great puzzle in my book!

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