Aww, look at my little guy! I was inspired to try to get this picture by a fellow puzzler who just started this puzzle and took a picture of her 2 dogs inside the box, so adorable! My dude is a 31 pound Boston Terrier – yup, 31 pounds. He’s a mutant and very large for a Boston but he’s the sweetest boy ever! Although he doesn’t look happy here, he looks like my long-suffering friend who constantly has to put up with my weirdo jigsaw puzzle stuff.  Why?? Why must I be in the box??

I’m working on a puzzle at the moment that I’m just not feeling, and I think it may be time to put it away for now. I’m not sure why now it isn’t working for me, but when the time is right I’ll pick it up again and it’ll be tons of fun! Timing is everything.

I haven’t made a decision on which puzzle to start next, but there are many, many to choose from – something fun and happy I think! 🙂 Just yesterday I was looking at Noah’s Ark by Loup (2000 pieces), and Tarzan by Mordillo (1000 pieces), they both look like so much fun! Also there’s a 750 piece sugar skull by Thaneeya McArdle that my daughter got for me that I’m very much looking forward to. Decisions, decisions!

2 thoughts on “Why??

  1. Penny Allenbaugh Weiss

    Love this one. Have I shown you the one of my two children in both the NYC Window puzzle and the Disney Moments? They were taking several years apart so you can really see their growth.

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