I Love Great Britain

I Love Great Britain by Mike Jupp – Gibson – 1000 pieces

My first Gibson puzzle.  If I hadn’t found the Jigsaw Junkies website I would probably not even know about some of these puzzle companies.  The brand comparison on that site gave me confidence to try new companies I hadn’t before, because I knew what kind of quality I would be getting.

I enjoyed the Gibson brand which is another puzzle with a waxy finish. The pieces are thick and sturdy, although there are a lot of the 2 prong 2 hole pieces.  It would be nice to have a few more piece shapes to work with. The image and colors were sharp and bright, and the artwork by Mike Jupp is so fun!

I would be careful if you’re going to get a Gibson puzzle and try to choose an image that doesn’t have too much sameness.  There were a couple times even in this busy puzzle where the pieces fit but were not in the correct place. Other than that I like this brand very much!

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