The Physical Impossibility of Sadness in the Mind of the Befriended

The Physical Impossibility of Sadness in the Mind of the Befriended by Vikram Madan – Artifact Puzzles – 292 pieces

That is quite the title! But let me tell you, this less than 300 piece puzzle is worthy of such a great big name. What a wonderful treat it was to assemble, it’s bright colorful image and interesting and challenging piece shapes made it a delight to put together.

Since the wooden puzzle experiment I can’t seem to stop myself from spending lots of time on the websites for Liberty, Artifact, Peaceful, and Wentworth puzzles; there are so many fabulous images and interesting piece shapes to look at! While looking through the Artifact website I found this puzzle with the most wonderful shaped pieces and I couldn’t help myself. In my defense, I was left unsupervised. 😇

They call this piece cut “split tendrils”, I call it amazing! It took a few minutes to wrap my brain around how the pieces fit together; it makes for a more challenging puzzle but it’s the best kind of challenging! The whimsies are so adorable and they fit in with the piece shapes rather seamlessly. I can’t recommend this company enough, they have so many different types of cuts to choose from!

This artwork shows a creature sitting at the table having a bowl of cereal with a wall full of memories of adventures with his friend. It’s so sweet, and I love the picture as much as I love the piece cut. It’s just a great puzzle all around and I’m sure it will be assembled many more times. Amazingly entertaining!


With the obvious piece shapes it’s a bit easier to see the image from farther away, so to speak.  Adorable artwork, amazing pieces – so much fun!

I’ve never really made New Year’s Resolutions, but I’m going to do my best to treat myself to more awesome wooden puzzles in 2018! I hope everyone has a safe and fun New Year’s Eve, and may the next year be filled with love, laughter, kindness, and many, many fun puzzles! 🎇🎉🎇