SpongeBob Squarepants

SpongeBob Squarepants by Romero Britto – Cardinal – 300 pieces

The bright, bright colors in this image made me mistakenly think this puzzle would be easy – it wasn’t. Part of it could be because I put the box away and didn’t use it for help at all. I saw the colors and patterns and thought this would be a breeze, so the box was stowed beneath the puzzle table. Once the assembly started it became clear that once again…..I was very wrong.

But, I had already decided that I would assemble this using only the pieces with no help from the box image; so the box with it’s helpful picture stayed put right where it was. Stubborn – that’s me. There is no explanation for it, I’m weird. Came to grips with it looong ago.

I usually take a few close up pictures so that you can see details; but there’s really no need for any close up pics, everything is right there for you to see. It’s a great image; the artwork of Britto makes fabulous puzzles.

Even though it was a little more demanding on the aging brain cells it was still a lovely assembly. More concentration was required, so I went to that puzzle place in your brain where only colors and shapes matter. Peaceful meditation in the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle – with the added bonus of not having to maneuver myself into the lotus position. 🧘‍♀️