Happy Meow-o-ween!

Happy Meow-o-ween by Michele Ridgeway – Wentworth – 40 pieces

This is a repeat of this puzzle, it was posted two years ago on this day. But there weren’t any Halloween puzzles here for me to do in time for the holiday, so you’re all getting a repeat. On the positive side, the picture is much better this time, there’s a lot less glare. It’s also much easier to see that the candy corn is actually a mouse in a costume. 🐭

Showing the whimsies is something I always do with any puzzle that contains them; love the bat in this one, it’s my favorite.

Happy Halloween everyone! I’m so looking forward to the half price candy sales tomorrow, as I’m a little too old (and broken) for trick or treating. 🍭

Happy Meow-O-Ween

Happy Meow
Happy Meow-O-Ween by Michele Ridgway – Wentworth – 40 pieces

How cute is this puzzle? It’s too adorable! You can’t really tell in the picture, but that isn’t candy beside the cat, it’s a mouse wearing a sweater that makes him look like a piece of candy corn – that seems a little risky to be dressed like a treat!

Hopefully it doesn’t get too repetitive me telling you how much I enjoy wooden jigsaw puzzles. They are a completely different experience than assembling a cardboard jigsaw puzzle and I highly recommend splurging on yourself and getting a wooden puzzle. There are many reasonably priced wooden puzzles from many different companies, and you are absolutely worth it! Happy Meow whimsies

The bat is my favorite of these whimsy pieces, the others are all sort of generic fall items. Still, they’re all pretty awesome to have in a puzzle, and the pieces that surround them have very interesting shapes too in order to fit next to them. The first thing I do when opening up a wooden puzzle is look for the whimsies, they’re so fun and I’m fascinated by how intricate the shapes can be. Wentworth goes the extra mile and makes the extra cuts to define what each piece is, they’re so lovely.

Happy Halloween everyone! I love this holiday, and I am also really looking forward to tomorrow, all the Halloween candy is 50% off! 🎃🍬🍭🍡🍫