Avocado Doug

Avocado Doug
Avocado Doug (Doug the Pug) – Buffalo – 300 pieces

I absolutely loved this image and thankfully the assembly was as much fun as this silly and adorable image. The quality was great, with an excellent fit – I never hesitate to buy Buffalo puzzles, thank goodness they have so many great puzzles to choose from.

Honestly, I have to admit that when I bought this puzzle I though the costume was a pea pod. It was only when I looked this puzzle up to see if I could find a title (because there was no title on the box other than Doug the Pug) did I find that the title was Avocado Doug. I was pretty embarrassed that I didn’t see it! In my own defense though, I don’t like avocados so it’s no surprise that it wasn’t the first thing that popped into my head.

The couch is quite a large portion of the image, and it made the puzzle a bit difficult. There were so many pieces that were a pale cream color! Luckily, being the puzzle goddess that I am (sometimes) it didn’t take too long to get it done. 👸

Avocado Doug 1

My favorite thing to do when the fit is tighter than normal is to stand the puzzle up on it’s end and take a picture. I don’t know why I like to do that, I just do. It makes me really, really happy – and we all need a little happy these days, don’t we?

Doug the Pug (Doughnuts)

Doug Donuts
Doug the Pug (Doughnuts) – Buffalo – 300 pieces

Both Doug the Pug puzzles were assembled in the same night. Insomnia is great for getting uninterrupted puzzle time; it’s not so great for the brain though. No sleep means tired, slow, hazy brain cells, which make puzzle assembly harder as you go along. Still, on this night it meant finishing two adorable puzzles and a nice long nap later that day. 😴

This image was much easier to assemble than cheesy Doug from yesterday, all the different doughnuts plus that curly tongue made it much simpler to sort and put together. They were both enjoyable in their own way, but this one is my favorite of the two – as far as assembly is concerned. If we’re just talking about the images, I think I prefer cheesy Doug.

Many thanks to my beautiful daughter who looks for puzzles wherever she shops. She gets out and about much more than I do, and keeps an eye out for puzzles her momma might like. What a sweetheart! ❤

Doug the Pug (Cheesy)

Doug Cheesy
Doug the Pug (Cheesy) – Buffalo – 300 pieces

My daughter was out shopping and sent me pictures of two Doug the Pug puzzles – she didn’t ask if I liked them, she knew I would – she asked if I HAD them. Smart girl, she knows if I’d seen them at the store that they definitely would have found their way into my cart. I didn’t already have them, and she felt the need to get them for me and bring them over to my house the same night.

It’s a good thing she did too; I couldn’t sleep that night and not wanting to disturb my husband’s sleep I got out of bed and spent a bit of time in the puzzle room. Doug got assembled in the wee hours of the morning, but I don’t think he minded much. He was probably sleeping off all of that cheese!

The puzzle went together relatively quickly. But I will say, however, that all that cheesy goodness made for a much more difficult assembly than I thought. The colors of pretty much all of the different cheesy treats were very similar, and once you add in the shirt there were a LOT of orange-y looking pieces to sort through.

Being a Buffalo puzzle, the quality was very good. The pieces fit together very well, and their signature zig-zag pieces even helped with the assembly. With so few pieces to sort through it was easy to separate the zigs and zags and put those pieces together right away. The image reproduction was quite good as well, the picture was sharp and clear with no blurry or fuzzy areas.

The finish was the only drawback, it was very shiny – much shinier than the average Buffalo puzzle. It made working under artificial lighting difficult, even with the light colored pieces there was glare that had me tilting my head to the side and wiggling the pieces back and forth to make sure what I was looking at or if I had the right piece.

Doug Cheesy 1.JPG

What an adorable, cranky, kissable face! Of course, Doug the Pug’s moneymaker is most definitely that face – and when I say money maker it is no joke. This dog has an Instagram account, his own Facebook page, and of course he’s on Twitter. All of these social media accounts have millions of followers, he’s been in music videos, is a New York Times bestselling “author”, has his own line of merchandise, and makes many celebrity appearances. He and his owner are rolling in the dough, all from his face that is so appealing, grouchy, sweet, expressive, and stone-faced all at the same time.

I hope you enjoyed this post, because Doug will be making another appearance tomorrow with another puzzle. 🐶🐾🐶