Goldfinch Garden

Goldfinch Garden
Goldfinch Garden by Cressida Bell – Wentworth – 40 pieces

I think this would be a fun puzzle in most any piece count, the artwork is beautiful! In a very large count the flowers and goldfinches would present quite a challenge – it would still be lovely though.

It’s so nice to still have many wooden micro puzzles here, if I’m feeling the need to puzzle when I’m not feeling well I can always assemble one of these beauties on a small tray no matter where I am. The quality is exceptional and the puzzling itself helps relieve stress and tension. We have the best hobby there is!

Goldfinch Garden whimsies

All the whimsies match the image this time, no guessing required! They also make for some very interestingly shaped pieces that fit around them, which always helps when the puzzle is somewhat difficult. Being only 40 pieces the difficulty level wasn’t too high, but it’s always nice to have a little assistance with the shapes. 🙂