A Box of Peace and Calm

Peaceful Pieces
Peaceful pieces……..

I have been having one of the worst days in quite a while – full of pain, anxiety, stress, and just in general a terrible day. It was even too much for me to get my regular blog post out this morning, my apologies for the delay, it truly has been an awful day.

But even with everything going on, as long as I could get myself into the puzzle room and sit down in front of the board, everything negative starts fading a little bit into the background. I open a new puzzle, see the pieces and colors and hold them in my hands, and the world seems a little less stressful. What better hobby could there be? I can’t think of one.

Even just a few minutes with some puzzle pieces takes my mind off of everything else, and things seem a little more tolerable. I opened a box, and there’s peace and calm for me inside; I get to bring order to the chaos, put together a beautiful picture, and in doing so find much relief from the stresses and anxieties of the day.

I love jigsaw puzzles. 💟