Gentlemen by Andrea Tilk – Clementoni – 500 pieces

This is the companion to yesterday’s puzzle, Ladies. I don’t know exactly what it is about these images that draws me in, but whatever it is they were both excellent quality puzzles that were great fun. I’m so glad I was able to get these before they were discontinued because they didn’t disappoint and are more beautiful than I expected.

Once I finished Ladies I couldn’t wait to get going on this one! The image is relatively easy one to assemble, but not so easy that it’s boring. I loved the embossed accents on some of the items, but am pretty bummed that I wasn’t able to capture the accents in a photo.

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of these puzzles, the pieces were thick and fit together very well. I’d love to get the rest of the Home Collection, these were such great quality and so much fun and the images are beautiful! Both of these puzzles are already glued and waiting for me to find a some gorgeous matching frames.

I loved this puzzle❣




Ladies by Andrea Tilk – Clementoni – 500 pieces

I absolutely adore this image, and I bought it specifically to glue and frame. The first time I saw it I thought that it, along with it’s companion Gentlemen, would be perfect framed and hanging in the master bath. As an added bonus, it was excellent quality and wonderfully fun to assemble!

I usually have a LOT of puzzles hanging out on my wishlist at several stores so I can look at the list, go back and look at the puzzles, and keep an eye out for price reductions, etc. I’ve had both Ladies and Gentlemen on my list for quite a while and when I went over the list one day I found that they had both been discontinued – oh no! Even though I wasn’t really planning on placing an order that day I knew I didn’t want to let these get away from me. I’m so glad I got them!

This was the first Clementoni I’ve gotten new. I’ve assembled one other, but it was a thrift store purchase; I was excited to see what the quality was right out of the box and I wasn’t disappointed. The pieces were thick, had a variety of shapes, fit together very well, and the image reproduction is fantastic! These puzzles are part of the Home Collection, and have an added feature of enhanced images with glossy detail that really make them stand out. Unfortunately it isn’t something I was able to capture in the picture, but it’s beautiful and gives the puzzle a little added pizzazz.

This puzzle was so much fun to assemble that I couldn’t walk away from it, and once it was done I couldn’t wait to get going on it’s companion. It’s too bad that they’ve been discontinued because I’d love to get the rest of the collection. If you come across one of them I highly recommend you give it a try, I absolutely loved it!