Schmetterling! – MicroPuzzles – 150 pieces

Such a beautiful puzzle image, and the dark background makes the colors really pop. I love having these mini puzzles around since not only am I in bed a lot, they’re also perfect for leaving on the table in our master bathroom. They’d also be great for someone who doesn’t have much space for puzzling. You could buy a cookie sheet from the dollar store (or it’s equivalent) and have a portable puzzle table you could take with you almost anywhere. 😁

When my infection was diagnosed and we realized I’d have to be in my room in bed almost all the time, I started with a few of my mini wooden puzzles that I have hanging around the house. After a couple of those I wanted a little bit more of a challenge so I took our current bathroom puzzle out into the bedroom to work on it.

Hubby got a little upset that I took this one out of the bathroom to complete it; he was having too much fun with it, and was “slow walking” it trying to make it last longer. Oops! Sorry hon. ❤

*In case anyone is wondering, schmetterling is the German word for butterfly.*

Fish Doodle

Fish Doodle – MicroPuzzles – 150 pieces

This little guppy of a puzzle was lots of fun, and so colorful! We always have a puzzle going in the powder room these days, and hubby is enjoying them just as much as I do. These MicroPuzzles are very good quality, and are perfect for puzzling wherever you’d like to take them. 😉

Hubby and I were talking about it after we finished this puzzle and he was saying how much he enjoyed this one. Then he said “Sometimes you just can’t seem to find anything at all, and then one time you look at it and everything clicks. Then you can see where everything should go.”

I think I may have him on the line – he’s hooked! 🎣

Rainbow Rain

Rainbow Rain by Jen Cameron – MicroPuzzles – 150 pieces

I absolutely ADORE this image, it’s so fun and colorful. It didn’t make for the easiest assembly, but if it were too simple it wouldn’t be entertaining at all.

I had to take it in the puzzle room to finish it though. The lighting is bad in the bathroom, and hubby kept putting pieces in the wrong spots. I think, perhaps, he needs some new glasses. Either that or he’s just not the puzzle guru that his wife is. 😎

Feathers and Fluff

Feathers and Fluff by Jen Cameron – MicroPuzzles – 150 pieces

This image looks as if it wouldn’t be too hard – bright colors on every bird – but it was the white border that gave me a run for my money. In fact, hubby wanted me to do more than I was doing to assemble it; he felt he was doing most of the work. The problem wasn’t me not helping enough, it’s the disparity in the amount of time each of us spends in there!

I’m still having such a good time with these little puzzles, and my adorable husband is too. Good thing there are plenty left to assemble. 💙🦜

Yeti for 2022

Yeti for 2022 – MicroPuzzles – 150 pieces

I know I just posted a MicroPuzzles puzzle a few days ago, but I’ve developed a health complication and haven’t been able to be at my board for the last several days. Unfortunately, it may be a week or more until I’m able to be back at the table; so the only puzzling available to me is in bed, on trays. Good thing there are so many mini puzzles from several different brands to keep me company. 😎

There are about 20 completed puzzles in the queue at the moment, so while my puzzling will be limited to smaller ones for now, you won’t be seeing them until nearer the end of January. But I always like to start the new year with a completed puzzle on January 1 – so we interrupt our December puzzles for a brand new one just completed this morning!

*Please forgive the less than optimal lighting, these pictures were taken in my bedroom, on a tray. I tried my best.*

This puzzle is from the MicroPuzzles subscription box I received in December, and it’s great having a New Year’s puzzle to share with you on New Year’s Day. Most of it was completed last year (yesterday), but I left a few pieces so that it would be the first completed puzzle of the new year. Isn’t it adorable?

Both this puzzle and the other one in the December subscription box have a little something extra too, something I haven’t seen before on any of the previous puzzles of theirs that I’ve done…

An image on the back as well! I saw all the snowflakes when I dumped out the pieces – they even helped me make sure I’d gotten the right pieces together along the edge. My assumption was that it was just a bunch of snowflakes on the back, but it was a lovely surprise when I flipped the completed puzzle over and saw the 2022. Very nice! The second December puzzle hasn’t been assembled yet, but I can see snowflakes on the backs of the pieces in the test tube; it could be the same image as above, or maybe something different – we’ll have to wait and see when I get to it.

It’s so nice for me to still be able to work on my puzzles when sitting up at the board isn’t an option, and having mini puzzles to work on to break up the monotony of watching television is a welcome distraction. There are many brands that have small puzzles that you can work on anywhere with just a little bit of space, and they make me very happy indeed!

Happy New Year to all my puzzle posse! I hope you are all safe and well, and here’s to a better year than the last. 💚🧩💚