Cat Selfies – Day 3

Cat Selfies by Howard Robinson – Cra-Z-Art – approx. 125/500 pieces

Oh dear, it’s day three and I’m already running out of things to say. I love these sets, they’re always entertaining for me to assemble; even if the subject matter isn’t my favorite. There’s something about being able to finish a “whole” image in just a few minutes, there’s a sense of completion that makes me quite happy – especially when I’m not feeling up to sitting at the board for very long.

I’m not sure why there are extra white pieces on the two cats without butterflies – especially the one on the right, it doesn’t make any sense why that why thing is hanging off the side of their head. But all I can do is to finish the puzzle with all of the pieces they’ve provided me.

This is Felix, he works at local gym, teaching other cats how to “pick things up and put them down” as he describes it. He longs to be a poet, although he’s too taken in by the macho society that cats live in to ever admit that to anyone. I say he should just be who he is and let everyone know that poetry and writing are his true passion. Be brave Felix, be yourself!

Bodika (Boddie to her one and only friend) is a personal shopper. She adores seeming as though she’s spending loads of money even though she keeps nothing and none of it is her money. Bodika is one of those NIGHTMARE personalities that thinks having lots of money makes you a better person than those around you. I find her truly boring and frankly quite nauseating to be around. She probably has hobbies, but I’m just not strong enough to spend enough time with her to find out what they are.

Seamus is a factory worker who loves taking his friends out for drinks after work and getting to know them better. He doesn’t drink to excess, and always makes sure that everyone gets home safely. Seamus has a beautiful wife and 6 little ones at home, so he only goes out to the pub when his wife says it’s ok. He loves the weekend because he can take his growing family out to the park or the beach and spend lots of time together. He’s a family cat through and through.

Seamus enjoys woodworking, and made each of his little ones their very own bed – now that they’ve been weaned and don’t have to sleep next to their parents every night. He is very much looking forward to a good nights sleep again!

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